Each handmade piece of jewelry created by AHKAH’s artisans is refined and delicate.
In order to maintain the shine and quality of your jewelry, please read the following instructions with special attention to when you wear it, care for it and store jewelry.

Special precautions when wearing

  • Do not wear jewelry in high temperature environments (sauna, beach, in close proximity to fire etc.) or freezing conditions (ski sites, skating rinks etc.). Since precious metals possess thermal conductivity, you may risk burn or frostbite.
  • Do not wear jewelry during exercise or when sleeping. Doing so may risk accident or breakage.
  • Cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, hot water, seawater and ultraviolet light may damage jewelry.
  • Chemicals (benzine, alcohol etc.) and acids including fruit juice may have harmful effects depending on the metal and precious stone composition of your jewelry.
  • Because of jewelry’s sensitivity to impact, be sure not to impact or drop your items. Even friction from washing dishes or strain from carrying heavy items may damage them. Some jewelry may become entangled with the fibers of clothing or animal hair, this may cause harm to jewelry and clothing.


Natural stones such as diamonds are subject to dulling by contact with oils (including those of skin) and other contaminants.
Pearls and corals are sensitive to acid, heat and water. Be sure to wipe off sweat, skin oil and cosmetics gently with a soft cloth after wearing. Exercise caution as each piece of jewelry should be treated differently. Please feel free to ask our store staff for further information.


Use jewelry boxes or cases to protect jewelry from damage and store it carefully avoiding impact.
Be sure to carry individually wrapped, or in a pouch, when going out or traveling.

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding adjustment/repair of items purchased from our own stores.

  • Adjustments and repairs may be carried out free of charge within one month of the date of purchase, but are chargeable one month from the date of purchase onwards.
  • Size adjustment of rings from our Bridal Line may be carried out free of charge within one month of the date of purchase, limited to a single adjustment.
    • * Size adjustment to all rings other than Bridal Line items are chargeable even within one month of the date of purchase.
    • * Please be advised that size adjustment of certain rings may not be possible due to their designs.
  • Since the particulars of each adjustment/repair vary according to design and item condition, following receipt of your item we will contact you with an estimate and other details.
  • Please be advised that certain items can only be accepted for adjustment/repair during the period in which they are current collection pieces.
  • Should adjustment/repair be required please take your item, together with proof of purchase, to the store from which it was purchased, or alternatively a nearby our own store.
  • Should you be unable to visit stores in person, please send your item to the following address after carefully reading the terms and conditions below.
    • * Please be advised that our adjustment/repair service does not extend to items without proof of purchase.

■Delivery address

AHKAH Co., Ltd. Repair Service
1-4-10, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0041


  • Please send the following items by parcel delivery service.
    1.Memo with your full name, address, telephone number and detail of required adjustment/repair.
    2.Item to be adjusted/repaired.
    3.Proof of purchase.
    When sending your item to us by parcel delivery service, please ensure that it is packed in a box or similar so as to avoid damage in transit.
    Please mark the package “Fragile - handle with care”.
    Upon receipt of your item, our Jinnan flagship store staff will contact you by telephone.
  • Payment of adjustment/repair fee can be made only by bank transfer.
  • The customer is responsible for all delivery costs.
  • Depending upon jewelry design, please be advised that not all requested adjustments/repairs may be possible.
    If such an instance, the customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the item to them.

Please note the following terms and conditions regarding adjustment/repair of items purchased from authorized AHKAH retailers other than our own stores.

For adjustment/repair of items purchased from authorized AHKAH retailers, other than our own stores, please contact directly the store where the purchase was made.

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