• bindu sari bracelet

bindu sari bracelet

  • The sari is a traditional Indian dress adorned with gorgeous embroidery and beads. This bracelet is inspired by the gorgeous appearance of the women in saris. The diamonds and gold cut balls are arranged to create the most exquisite balance when worn, and they shine and shimmer beautifully as they sway. It can be worn simply on its own or layered for an even more gorgeous impression.
  • 2021 Spring and Summer Collection "bindu"
    Materials: 18 karat yellow gold / diamonds
    Product Number: AK1718010500
    Collection: 2021 Spring and Summer Collection "bindu"
    Total Carat Weight: approx. 0.09 ct
    Size: chain approx. 16.5 cm / cut ball diameter approx. 1 mm
  • 2021 Spring and Summer Collection "bindu"
    New designs joined our "bindu" series that features bright sparkle of bare diamonds. Opening a hole directly in the diamonds enables the bindu series to capture the maximum amount of light and draw a fresh glow on to the skin. The diamond jewelry is perfect for the upcoming season of lighter and more revealing fashion. The simple yet refined designs shine with a splendid presence.
  • bindu sari bracelet