• bindu snow earrings
  • bindu snow earrings
  • bindu snow earrings
  • bindu snow earrings

bindu snow earrings

  • These earrings with diamonds depict the spectacle of snow falling graciously. The three diamonds set on the collets and the adorably swaying single diamond shimmer gracefully like falling snow. The symmetrical outline reminiscent of a flower or a cross makes for pieces of jewelry that pair well with gorgeous outfits.
  • 2021 Holiday Collection “diamond with you”
    The desire to spend the bright holiday season with loved ones. We realized that ordinary moments are irreplaceable treasures. Like an enchanting spell, the positive aura of diamonds strengthens a bond between the wearer and family, friends, or a loved one. For both ordinary days and special days, spend time with diamonds—AHKAH’s winter story.


Materials: 18K yellow gold / diamonds
Product Number: AK1794010400
Collection: 2021 Holiday Collection "diamond with you"
Total Carat Weight: approx. 0.2ct
Size: total length (including hook) 18 mm
top 7 mm (L) x 6.5 mm (W)