• tina ring (full eternity)
  • tina ring (full eternity)
  • tina ring (full eternity)
  • tina ring (full eternity)

tina ring (full eternity)

  • Ring designed with the theme of “A Ray of Light”, using a singular line to portray light stretching unwaveringly. The modern design comes in a simple shape, which is precisely what brings out the beautiful details of the craftsmen’s meticulous handiwork, through which radiate the diamonds adorned around the entirety of the band.
    Whether casual or formal, this item suits any occasion as it gives your style a subtle, elegant touch.
  • tina
    The "tina" collection features a simple shape that emphasizes the brilliance of diamonds to the utmost by removing unnecessary elements. The attractiveness is the design that can be worn on a daily basis regardless of the times and trends, and the beauty of the structure that can only be completed with skilled craftsmanship. There are modern items that even adults who know jewelry can still enjoy.


Materials: 18K yellow gold / diamonds
Product Number: VC0350010200
コレクション: tina
Total Carat Weight: #4 - #5 / approx. 0.29ct
#6 / approx. 0.3ct
#7 / approx. 0.31ct
#8 - #9 / approx. 0.32ct
#10 - #11 / approx. 0.33ct
#12 / approx. 0.26ct
Size: #4 - #12
ring width approx. 1.5 mm


- Cannot be resized.
- The engraved marks may vary depending on the time of purchase.