AHKAH is the best jewelry for 
everyone who enjoys fashion,
With quality of fine jewelry, 
exquisite craftmanship 
and design with fashion sensitivity.
AHKAH Jewelry is your partner 
which completes your everyday outfit.
Jewelry resonates with your individuality 
and to bring out your allure.
Encouraging you to be yourself and to embrace your beauty.


Katie Hillier

Born in Great Britain.
She studied fashion at the University of Westminster, and subsequently advanced her career as a designer and a creative director for numerous luxury brands. 
She is currently based in London and New York and creates sophisticated designs which are rich expressions fusing modernity and naturalness.
In July 2020, she was appointed Creative Director of AHKAH.


​AHKAH's each one of jewelry is created by the finest craftsmanship. The thoughts and visions of the designers are​ carefully settled into each piece by uncompromising​ artisans and are passed down to the customers. ​ Everything is created with the wish to be a  “treasured piece that will remain throughout time”


  • AHKAH is established by Akemi Fukuoji, founder

  • The first pavé collection including its first item "heart pavé" launches.

  • AHKAH Isetan Shinjuku store opens in Tokyo

  • The first tina collection including its first item “tina ring” launches.

    AHKAH Omotesando Hills store opens as a flagship store in Tokyo

  • The first believe collection launches

  • AHKAH GINZA SIX store opens as a flagship store in Tokyo

  • AHKAH becomes a subsidiary of TASAKI, asselerating its global expansion

    The first première étoile collection launches

  • AHKAH accelerates store opening in Asia(Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei)

  • Appoints Katie Hillier as AHKAH Creative Director
    First AHKAH Singapore store opens

  • The new collection "AHKAH signature" by Katie Hillier debuts

  • AHKAH France official store opens in Le Bon Marche, Paris

  • The new designs from "chandelier", an icon of the AHKAH signature, is introduced.