AHKAH Launches New Designs from AHKAH signature, the Collection by Katie Hillier

AHKAH will launch the new designs from AHKAH signature by the creative director, Katie Hillier, at its both official stores and the online store starting, Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Prior to its release, a limited-time store featuring all new items will open at The Stage on the first floor of Isetan Shinjuku’s main building (July 19 -) and at Coto Coto Stage 31 on the third floor of Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store (August 16 -).

This season’s theme is “resonance”:
Be natural, be beautiful and be confident.
The confident delicacy of shimmering diamonds,
The natural beauty of yellow gold,
The gentle movement of glistening chain,
AHKAH jewelry resonates and enhances
each individual’s beauty and allure.


The “chandelier” has become the jewelry to represent AHKAH signature series. The new designs introduced to this series are inspired by the chandeliers radiating a sophisticated brilliance and adding glamor to a space with beautiful lights and shadows. The new designs are elevated to more modern and luxurious pieces that allow the wearer to fully enjoy the jewelry’s sparkling diamonds and beautiful form.

The jewelry resonates with the wear’s inner allure, further enhancing and liberating the individual’s charm. AHKAH aims to match the wearer’s elegant and relaxed style as “your” partner through proposing daily fine jewelry.


chandelier grand choker
18K yellow gold/diamonds(1.10ct)

“chandelier grand choker” is eye-catching tennis chains sway flexibly with the body’s movement. Conveying a sensual mood through fine jewelry, the choker’s delicate yellow gold nestles along the neckline to create a curve, and the 1.10 carat diamonds are set to create an edgy silhouette. The choker can certainly be worn on important occasions, but it is also a special piece which can be easily incorporated into daily fashion, adding glamor to the wearer’s mature everyday life.

Furthermore, chandelier flow earring features an organic curve along the earlobe, and extending from it are diamonds set in tennis chains which radiate an airy vigor with every movement. Displaying a fashionable design, the supple swing of the diamond fringes add a playful touch to the wearer’s profile.

“chandelier layered ring” features layers of diamonds and yellow gold which resemble a masterly sculpture. High craftsmanship is evident in this delicate yet dynamic design. Extolling an legance which lingers on the finger, the form combines cool strength with relaxed effortlessness.


  • chandelier flow earring
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.42ct)
  • chandlier triple line earring
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.49ct)
  • chandelier layered diamond ring
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.26ct)
  • chandelier layered ear-cuff
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.09ct)
  • chandelier baguette necklace
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.15ct)

  • chandelier chain choker
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(0.08ct)

    ■Pop-up Shop
    「AHKAH signature POP-UP SHOP “resonance”」

    – Wednesday, July 19-Tuesday, July 25: The Stage, first floor, main building of Isetan Shinjuku
    – Wednesday, August 16-Tuesday, August 29: Coto Coto Stage 31, third floor, Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

    Exclusive AHKAH signature pop-up shop “resonance,” representing the collection’s worldview, will open at The Stage on the first floor of the main building of Isetan Shinjuku and Coto Coto Stage 31 on the third floor of Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store. This limited-time store will give our customers the opportunity to get a first view of the new designs of resonance.

    Furthermore, at The Stage on first floor of Isetan Shinjuku’ main building, an exclusive jewelry design from AHKAH signature’s iconic “chandelier” will be launched for Isetan Shinjuku Store. The pierced earrings create a luxurious profile with the eye-catching, supple shimmers of the VVS grade and 1.10 carat diamonds.


    chandelier flow allure earrings
    *limited exclusively to Isetan Shinjuku Store
    18K yellow gold/diamonds(1.10ct)


    Creative Director

    ■Katie Hillier
    Born in Great Britain.
    She studied fashion at the University of Westminster, and subsequently advanced her career as a designer and a creative director for numerous luxury brands. She is currently based in London and New York and creates sophisticated designs which are rich expressions fusing modernity and naturalness.
    In July 2020, she was appointed Creative Director of AHKAH.


    ■AHKAH signature Design Concept
    [finding beauty]
    Beauty is all around us, even if we do not always notice it at first. This collection celebrates unnoticed beauty in our lives, the type we encounter by chance. Beauty is omnipresent. We can find it in the gradual passing of time and in our hopes for the future. This everyday discovery has been distilled to create modern and sophisticated jewelry.