AHKAH’s origins lay in the pursuit and realization of the eternally pure and innocent beauty.

The restrained freedom that nature possesses is portrayed in each piece of jewelry — an homage to the universal and abundant beauty of nature.

By adding the sense of fashion to the high quality creations, “jewelry that can easily be loved and worn everyday” became the new vision.

From mother to daughter. From daughter to grand-daughter.

Passed down through generations. Crossing borders. Traversing time.

Handcrafted with the wish and hope that each piece will be loved and cherished throughout time.


Delicate and high quality, AHKAH’s jewelry are created with the finest craftsmanship.

The thoughts and visions of the designers are carefully settled into each piece by uncompromising veteran artisans and are passed down to the customers.

Everything is created with the wish to be a “treasured piece that will be remain throughout time”