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elements ring

  • When various objects around us are combined, there are chemical reactions that create organic forms with extended unique lines, giving a comtemporary and modern impression. The combination of 18 karat yellow gold and 18 karat white gold adorned with diamonds makes the ring enchanting and draws your attentions. The beautifully-polished round plate provides an accent. Different materials are combined together in a way that brings out the beauty of each. The gorgeous design makes the ring stand out when incorporated into outfits.
  • AHKAH signature “finding beauty”
    Beauty is all around us, even if we do not always notice it at first. This collection celebrates unnoticed beauty in our lives, the type we encounter by chance. Beauty is omnipresent. We can find it in the gradual passing of time and in our hopes for the future.
    For the collection ‘finding beauty’, this everyday discovery has been distilled to create modern and sophisticated jewellery.


Product Number: AK1779010200
Collection: AHKAH signature “finding beauty”
Total Carat Weight: approx. 0.08 ct
Sizes: S (#8.5 - #9.5) / M (#10.5 - #11.5) / L (#12.5 - #13.5)
arm width approx. 1 mm (YG) / arm width approx. 1.4 mm (WG)