Dear customers,

Thank you so much for your continuous support for AHKAH.​ ​

It has come to our attention that fake AHKAH products are being sold on the internet auction sites and other places. Products such as those shown below are circulated in the marketplace and those are infringement on our intellectual property rights. Not only are the majority of these counterfeit goods inferior in quality, but also customers who purchase such items may be unintentionally in violation of the law. Moreover, we are unable to guarantee the quality of any products which are not genuine AHKAH products. 

In order to avoid any purchase of counterfeit goods, we request that purchases of AHKAH products be made from one of our directly managed stores, our online shop or through an authorized distributors.​ ​

We will continue to take measures against counterfeiting including strict measures such as legal action against counterfeiters when matters emerge surrounding the manufacture or sale of counterfeit goods. However, we do ask all of our customers to remain vigilant in light of these counterfeit goods.

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